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While pregnant, our bodies experience many changes. It's a time when our posture will change, endurance may decrease, and healthy weight gain should occur.

Some common complaints during and after this period are low back pain, sciatica, neck/upper back pain, sacroiliac joint problems, hip pain, muscle spasms, and piriformis syndrome. All of these can benefit from Physical Therapy intervention through the use of safe and effective methods.

We use gentle hands-on techniques such as massage for sore muscles; joint mobilization and muscle energy methods to relieve alignment-related problems; provide guidance on proper body mechanics, improved postural awareness, and body positioning for sleeping; advise you on how to perform self trigger point release; prescribe a home program of stretches and exercises (including pelvic floor/transverse abdominal muscle re-education); and educate you on safe exercise guidelines.
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Physical Therapy Benefits

In recent years, there has been strong and mounting evidence maintaining that moderate exercise during pregnancy is both safe and beneficial for the mother and her baby

  • Benefit One

    Help you and your baby stay strong and healthy

    There are plenty of obstacles pregnant women can encounter that prevent them from exercising, such as nausea, fatigue, incontinence, breast tenderness, back pain, and constipation. However, there are also great benefits to exercising while pregnant. This has shown to improve maternal glucose levels and weight management, enhance well-being, self-image, and self-esteem, as well as decrease labor time and postpartum recovery time. It also gives mothers the strength to continue performing daily activities and maintain a healthy weight for themselves and their babies. Also, recent studies have suggested that a mom-to-be's prenatal fitness could help her child not only handle stress better as an adult, but also ward off dieases like cancer, diabetes and obesity!

  • Benefit Two

    Customized to meet your individual requirements

    Every pregnancy is different, and there are a lot of things that are out of your control. We will help with whatever issues you are experiencing and help prevent future occurances. For example, low back pain is a common complaint amongst women during pregnancy, having a great impact on their quality of life. Back pain starting in pregnancy can also continue beyond pregnancy if not treated. We can help ease this issue, so that you'll become more comfortable by addressing pelvic asymmetry, correcting posture, and guide you on correct body positioning. We will also aid in proper movements during certain tasks, such as lifting, carrying, and caring for children. We will teach you how to alleviate these issues on your own, so your body can carry on the benefits from physical therapy far into the future!

  • Benefit Three

    What's Included

    Discuss positioning for labor and delivery based on patient's current conditions/pain • Recommendations on activity level during and after pregnancy • Address Pelvic pain: pubic symphysis, sacroiliac joint, round ligament pain • Treat lower back, hip, neck, shoulder or other extremity pains • Manage Sciatica or nerve pain • Reduce Diastasis recti or abdominal separation • Improve Incision or scar pain and restriction following caesarean section or episiotomy • Address urinary incontinence, dyspareunia (painful intercourse) •

  • Benefit Four

    Reap the Benefits

    Reduced weight gain • Improved muscle tone • Decreased labor & delivery time • Improved self esteem • Lower instance of gestational diabetes & preeclampsia • Decreased incidence of varicosities • Decreased postpartum weight loss & recovery time • Decreased incidence of low back pain • Improved sleep

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Meet Sarah, Your Physical Therapist

Serving the Bellevue, Issaquah, and Mercer Island areas.

Sarah Kinsley

Sarah Kinsley


Sarah started practicing as a Doctor of Physical Therapy in 2011 in an outpatient orthopedics private practice. Prior to finishing her Doctorate she worked as a PT aide in a women's health PT clinic assisting physical therapy treatment for breast cancer and pelvic floor patients. She also completed an honor research thesis at Washington State University about women's health physical therapy.

As she has continued to practice as a PT she has completed extensive continuing education training in women’s health physical therapy. These classes have included pregnancy and postpartum care through the APTA and pelvic floor and pelvic pain courses through Herman and Wallace.

She has been performing internal pelvic floor assessments and treatment since 2015. "The more I work with this population, the more I see the need for pelvic floor intervention with other patient populations and diagnosis."

In 2016 she was fortunate enough to experience the birth of her first child. The journey through pregnancy, labor and delivery has allowed her to better treat and relate to the needs of all women, especially pregnant and postpartum.

In addition to women's health physical therapy, she also is a certified specialist in orthopedic physical therapy through the APTA. She treats everything from the young adolescent athlete to the post-surgical patient and geriatric populations.

She brings her own passion for fitness, health, wellness, sports, and the outdoors to derive a holistic and evidence-based practice of physical therapy. She uses manual therapy techniques and therapeutic exercise to restore the freedom of movement.

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